Organization & Processes

Treatment Request

To develop an individual, comprehensive and quick as possible treatment plan for you, we would like to receive following already completed, pertinent records and staging studies in advance:

  • medical reports (preferred typewritten)
  • scan reports such as MRI, CT, X-Ray (preferred digital)
  • laboratory records

Please send your documents as an E-Mail or by mail to the following address:

Luisenhospital Aachen
International Patient Service
Boxgraben 99
52064 Aachen

Treatment Costs

After receiving your request you will obtain estimates for your appointments and upcoming procedure, on business days usually within 24 hours. These estimates which contain a hospital bill and a physician bill are developed by our specialists and based upon your information and documents we received.

Generally the billing is rest upon the DRG-catalogue (Diagnosis Related Groups) of Germany in addition to the bill for private health treatment which is based upon the medical fee schedule GOÄ (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte), always according to the current version and resources available to them.

At the beginning of your treatment we would like you to transfer the entire charges on our specified account (bank transfer, credit card or local cash transfer).

Thank you for your understanding that we can provide treatments only with payment in advance.


The International Patient Service will take charge of all patient related affairs and appointments with our departments. We gladly try to consider your wishes.

Travel Preparations

We would also like to support you with travel preparations. By request we can book a room in one of our partner hotels or arrange your transfer from or to a nearby airport. If you are in need of a medical visa for Germany we are in dispose to help you with an invitation. Therefore we need a copy of your passport as well as a copy of your family members or friends passport who is travelling with you.

Final Billing

The final and accurate bill will be sent, at the latest 14 days after your discharge based upon our above mentioned fee schedules.

The Organization of your Stay

Our International Patient Service would like to support you in following concerns:

  • making appointments for your stay and your treatments in all departments, developing a treatment schedule, providing estimates and generate a final bill after your discharge.
  • fast and professional processing of administrative data and formalities including applications for visas
  • arrangement of your transfer from or to a nearby airport
  • support in finding a suitable hotel accommodation on special conditions
  • cooperation with various interpreters contact persons for all concerns


Luisenhospital Aachen
-International Patient Service-

Frau Feldstein
Boxgraben 99
52064 Aachen

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