Physician Interview

"Patients appreciate the personal contact"

Which group of patients make an appointment?

On the one hand we have patients without any pre-existing conditions or treatments who are considered for a comprehensive medical and preventive checkup or a complementary checkup in addition to previous procedures. On the other hand we have a group of patients with common or more complex diseases from the entire spectrum of internal medicine. Occupational we treat freelance businessmen, managers, leading employees. But there have also already been doctors and captains.

What clinical divisions do you have?

Everything to cover the entire range of preventive checkups which includes the cardiovascular system, cancer prevention and care for metabolic disorders as well as preoperative discussions for treatments in other departments of our clinic.

What do international patients appreciate most in German medical science?

The personal contact and the value of our medicine science. That means we are capable and very quick in making a diagnosis and review possible treatment options after a comprehensible discussion with the patient regarding all conditions and individual wishes. Our broad and multidisciplinary network enables us to intervene very fast with possible surgeries or for the treatment of further problems.

Which experience do you have with patients from Russia?

I see a lot of patients from abroad, patients from Russia since four years now. I highly appreciate the support of a Russian speaking interpreter since we, as doctors, are dependent on an authentic and close translation and need to understand the individual wishes of our patients as much as them to understand our recommendations and instructions. To me, Russian patients seem to be well-organized and very straightforward. We often have a laugh together.

Have you always been able to help?

I cannot remember a single patient whose condition did not improve after our treatments.

What happens when your patients return home?

The patient gets suggestions when the next tests, checkups and follow-up appointments should be taken, no matter if these will be in our clinic or elsewhere. Every patient receives a detailed report including recommendations. Patients can always recall our doctors through their local physicians. From my experience, 2/3 of our patients return to our clinic for checkups and aftercare. After their discharge, a lot of patients remain in close contact with our doctors.

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